Price Of Abaya In Dubai

Graceful and Beautiful Abayas at Unbeatable Price Range

Global fashion trends change very frequently but the wardrobe of a Muslim woman gives high preference to modesty. It is very interesting to note that outfits and attires that originated hundred of years ago continues to be the pride of Muslim world. Preserving cultural heritage and faith is the top priority. Boutique de Lavande offers abaya in a wide range of colors and designs. From simple to fancy, there is no shortage of options when it comes to abaya selection. Considering the fact that Boutique de Lavande offers personalized dresses made as per bespoke designs, their price tag is unbeatable. If you are concerned about the price of abaya in Dubai, simply explore the collection of Boutique de Lavande.

Not just sober and plain abayas are part of our collection. We also cater the requirement of fashionable customers who are questing after exquisite, stylish and modern abayas. Boutique de Lavande is known for offering graceful abayas made up of fine quality of fabric with some intricate embroidery work. Despite integrating a myriad of salient features, we do not charge the customers exorbitantly. Very few stores have kept the price of abaya in Dubai to such an affordable level.

You can explore our collection for modest and decent Islamic clothing. Many customers are socially conscious but they also prefer hanging with ongoing fashionable trends. Boutique de Lavande offers customers with sleek, stylish, practical and finest options so as to deliver relevant value for their hard earned money. We believe in catering the needs of all such customers who love to be stylish and trendy but aspire to remain modest as well. Price of abaya in Dubai is truly affordable at Boutique de Lavande. Now, it is your choice to either settle for a plain design or buy an abaya with intricate patterns.