Abaya Fashion Abu Dhabi, UAE

Walk into Our Abaya Shops in Abu Dhabi for Both Customary and Modern Versions

An elegant abaya of floor length perfection not only covers the whole body but reflects simplicity as well. Whether the wearer is looking forward to a structured silhouette, stylish and intricate beadwork with some fancy foldings, surely Boutique De Lavande can complement the personality. Even in this 21st Century, Abaya continues to retain its status as a garment used for maintaining cultural elegance. This attire symbolizes a woman’s pious devotion towards her faith and culture.

What makes us so special?

Boutique De Lavande is appreciated for its unique and fantastic designs. If you are looking for the best abaya shops in Abu Dhabi, look no further than us. Our collection is composed of elegant designs but you can also place orders for custom-made creations as well. We strive to maintain an exceptional collection to meet every woman’s individual taste and preference. Very few Abaya shops try to maintain such delicate balance.

We keep pace with time but respect rich Arab legacy and culture

Boutique De Lavande considers it as a duty to create the perfect Abaya that holds the element of style, modesty with sophisticated prints. Modern Arab women like keeping pace with time but respecting Arab heritage is equally important. At our best abaya shops in Abu Dhabi, we only offer outfits manufactured using high standard handpicked fabrics. Feel free to contact us regarding Dubai Abaya shops online.