Abaya Fashion Abu Dhabi, UAE

Try Out Our Abaya Designs - The Finest Fusion of Modesty and Fashion

Abaya, a long traditional flowing robe is considered as an descent dress in traditional Muslim World. This elegant and modest dress covers the entire body and shields the wearer from unnecessary attention. With the passage of time, the Abaya fashion has also undergone a makeover. Boutique De Lavande thoroughly knows the technique of managing balance between fashion and tradition. Being fully familiar with the ongoing trend and Abaya fashion in UAE, we know how to gently add more style, design and comfort in this dress.

Feel free to visit us and learn more about Abaya fashion Abu Dhabi. Take out sometime and explore our collection that comprise the conventional black to gentle bright colors. Ladies of all age groups and shoppers belonging to all segments of society appreciate our collection which is the finest blending of all essential aspects.

Abaya - an attire appropriate for various occasions

From high quality shiny fabric to simple cotton, Abaya can be worn on festivals and simple occasions. Check out our striking designs to know about Abaya fashion in UAE. It is possible to stick with the traditional modest style of dressing with a small pinch of evolving fashion.